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We are a community of independent liquor store owners, who participate jointly and collectively to maximise the buying power available between them, to access more competitive deals and pricing as well as the sharing of information and good practices of business management.

We cater for both self-service and counter liquor stores. The counter stores are branded under the name Blue Bottle Liquors and the Counter Stores Blue Bottle Liquors Express





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The Blue Bottle Group has grown from strength to strength bringing opportunities within our group for various independent liquor stores to be able to become part of our group,
no matter what their size.

The Blue Bottle Group is represented by the following Brands:

Blue Bottle Liquors

Blue Bottle Liquors

From world-class wine selection to great prices on beer, expert guides, and friendly service, there’s no place quite like it.

Blue Bottle Liquors Express

Blue Bottle Liquors EXPRESS

Our old-fashioned customer-orientated attitude has allowed us to become one of the respected leaders in the liquor retail business.

Blue Bottle Liquors XL

The Blue Bottle Liquors XL retail and wholesale outlets are individually owned, maintaining that small store customer service and support.

Blue Bottle Platinum

The Platinum Brand specialize in a variety of wines from around the world, as well as premium and craft liquor.

Benefits of joining

The Blue Bottle Liquor Group

You Are Part Of A Group,

Yet you stay independent

Marketing & Advertising

Buy Directly From Suppliers

No Joining Fees

Negotiated Pricing

Benefits of joining


Solutions opportunities available

Liquor Experience,

Expertise & knowledge, all at your disposal

Preferential Banking Pricing,

Merchant services & cash management solutions

Point Of Sale Software Solution

Developed specifically for the liquor industry

Recipes for

Drinks & Cocktails

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