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Join The Blue Bottle Liquors’ exclusive Blue rewards program today & start earning rewards with every purchase. Enjoy special discounts, & access to members-only events.
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Rewards FAQ

How do I get a Blue Rewards Card?

You need to collect a Blue Rewards Card at a participating Blue Bottle Liquors, Liquors Express, Blue Bottle Liquors XL or a Blue Bottle Liquors Platinum store.

How do I register my Blue Rewards Card?

You can register your card in the following ways:

1. Download the cardholder app where you can register your card, check your balance and change your details.
2. Scan the QR code below and follow the prompts.

3. Activate your card vis USSD by dialing *134*693# (no airtime will be charged).

How can I access my Blue Rewards Profile?

1. You can view your CashBack balance and transactions at any store that provides a self-service kiosk.
2. Your latest till slip will show your balance prior to your current transactions
3. Download the cardholder app for all self-service features.

What benefits does my Blue Rewards card offer?

1. You earn CashBack with every swipe (except on exempted products) which can be used at any time as a method of payment at a participating store.
2. You can load funds (gift) onto the card to be used at a later time.
3. Save your change.
4. Receive discounts on products.
5. Redeem rewards.
6. Automatic entry into competitions.
7. Register your Stokvel and start saving.

What happens when I lose my Blue Rewards Card?
Visit a participating Blue Bottle Liquors store, provide your ID number, name, surname and cell number to a staff member so that they can search for your old card and request that your old cards CashBack can be transferred to the new card.
What products be exempt from earning CashBack?
1. Products that are on promotion are exempted from earning rewards.

2. Cigarettes are exempted as you are not allowed to earn CashBack by law.

3. Prepaid Solutions are also exempt (example: Airtime, Data, Electricity, Water etc).

Is there a limit to the amount of swipes that I can make with my Blue Rewards card?
Yes, your Blue Rewards card is set at a limit of 2 swipes per day.
It is at the store owners discretion to unblock your card to allow additional swipes per day.

Can my partner and I share a card?
No, but you can each have your own card.
Is it possible to load funds onto another card?

Yes, you can load funds onto another card. Please visit the nearest Blue Bottle Liquors store and ask the cashier to assist you. Please make sure you have the card number where you want to load funds.

How do I load money onto my Blue Rewards card?

Please visit the nearest Blue Bottle Liquors store and ask the cashier to assist you to load funds onto your card.