Become a Blue Bottle Member

The vision of The Blue Bottle Group is to create a buying power and support alternative, for the independent liquor store members to benefit from collective knowledge, expertise and promotional activity.  It is the pledge of The Blue Bottle Group executive, to identify and define the required standards, controls and procedures necessary for the independent member to succeed.  To ensure that this is done within the law and to always promote responsible drinking.

New Store Upliftment

We encourage our members to revamp their stores for a better, secure and information shopping experience.  We pride ourselves in quality products as well as we carry huge ranges of wine and malt whiskies.  Our emphasis is on personal service in a safe environment, promoting responsible drinking.  Being part of the Blue Bottle Group means our members will offer better prices, professional advice and dont forget the personal touch.

The Blue Bottle Group Aims and Objectives

  • To create a platform for premium liquor stores to benefit from bulk buying and combined price negotiating
  • To define a core membership base to drive The Blue Bottle concept
  • Top stop erosion of the independent traders market share by the supermarket chain stores, with competitive independent liquor stores
  • To maintain continual effort for traders to Buy-right
  • To have individual advertising and marketing drives
  • Erosion of the independent traders market share by the supermarket chain stores
  • Continual effort for traders to Buy-Right
  • Individual advertising and marketing drives
  • To ensure that the independent does not remain isolated. He has a wealth of experience around him to draw from
  • To increase the member base by a minimum of ten stores per annum
  • To become a market force in the industry and a viable alternative to the independent store owner
  • Independence is normally hand in hand with isolation

Benefits of joining the Blue Bottle Group

  • The liquor Store owner becomes a part of a chain group, yet still independent. The independent retains their trading name, but trades under the Blue Bottle liquors banner
  • By being part of a buying group there is an advantage of being competitive.  We are not a franchise.  We are a buying group with membership!
  • The membership is inexpensive, with no joining fee!
  • There are added benefits with Service Providers, such as very low rates in credit and debit card commissions
  • There are advertising benefits it is a committee decision
  • Amongst the members there is a pool of experience, expertise and knowledge, all at your disposal.
  • If one day you wish to sell your store, selling an image store would increase the possibility of a better selling price
  • We have up to date technology, information and analysis of the liquor store trading environment.
  • There is the availability of business and liquor store expertise and management principles

Development and Support

The Blue Bottle Group will assist with:

  • New Store development
  • Site and business assessments and planning
  • Store layouts and product mix
  • Implementing administrative controls and computerisation
  • Employee roles and responsibilities as well as labour relations
  • Code of Good Business Practice
  • Ensuring consistent customer satisfaction

Branding and Signage

It is important to get away from the current wallpaper of signage associated with liquor stores and become unique! Castle and Coke branding does not help you and has become associated with a number of business categories, cafe, restaurant, pubs, etc. Blue Bottle gives you a unique brand.

  • There are many definitions of branding, but the common theme among versions is that branding is a long term organisational commitment. A true brand must have focus, alignment and association.
  • Branding as Blue Bottle liquors is non-negotiable. We are building a credible concept

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